Introducing GitHub Deployments on

Introducing GitHub Deployments on

Uploading files and updating your website manually can be a real drag, right? Well, has something new that will make your life a whole lot easier – GitHub Deployments.

This cool feature lets you link your GitHub repository directly to your site in a snap. It means less time fussing with uploads and more time doing what you love: crafting amazing code. Whenever you update your code on, those changes can automatically pop up on your WordPress site, either right away or whenever you choose.

Why You’ll Love GitHub Deployments:

      1. Simple and Smooth Workflow Forget the old, complicated ways of updating your site. With GitHub Deployments, just a few clicks within your WordPress dashboard gets the job done. This method is reliable and keeps your workflow clean and straightforward – no need for confusing workflow files or the stress of manual uploads via FTP or SSH. Plus, you can work with multiple repositories for one site, making your life even easier.

      1. Pre-Deployment Checks Before your updates go live, GitHub Deployments can run checks and tasks to make sure everything is in tip-top shape. This means your code is clean and meets your standards before it even touches your site. Want to run specific commands or set up dependencies? You can do that too.

      1. Deploy On Your Terms You’re in control with GitHub Deployments. Choose to update your WordPress site automatically with every commit, or hand-pick when updates go live with manual deployments. This flexibility is great for keeping your live site stable while still moving forward with updates at your own pace.

    What’s Next?

    Making updates and managing your site has never been easier. Say hello to smoother workflows, better collaboration, and the peace of mind that your site is always up-to-date, secure, and running smoothly.

    So, ready to simplify your site management? Dive into Deployments and see how it can transform your WordPress experience. Happy coding!